Adventures in the life of a gorram nerd

A few years ago I stage managed Alice in Wonderland. I also made the costumes for the white rabbit, the knights, and the playing cards. The white rabbit and playing cards had the heart with a crown on the back of their costumes. The knights had the knights on both sides. The base was muslin. I used fusible web to attach the appliques. I wasn’t able to stitch on the red fabric because it frayed too much (even with the fusible), so I told the actors to be super careful with their costumes and re-ironed anything that fell off.

For the playing cards, we had 3 actors: 2 short gals and 1 tall guy, hence the amusing difference in costume size. One night, they were in a rush and screwed up the costumes, so the guy had one that barely came to his waist and one of the girls was almost tripping in hers.

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