Adventures in the life of a gorram nerd

It’s been awhile since I’ve done an update! My life has been consumed with making HST (half square triangles) for the Tetris quilt. A HST is made up of two 45 degree right triangles:

8 HST - Sm

 A few posts ago, I put up the block design, which is a square with 4 trapezoids. The actual assembly of the block has quite a few more pieces, to make it easy to assemble. So it’s actually 1 square, 4 rectangles, and 4 HSTs. And the quilt has 188 blocks (47 Tetris shapes times 4 blocks per shape) = 752 HSTs. Oh, and the finished block is 4″, so each HST is only 1″.

Tetris quilt pattern block 3D video game Excel Nintendo  is actually made like this  Tetris block segmented

The typical way to make HST is to make them 2 at a time. However, there is a really cool method to make 8 at a time. You start with a large square (“large” being relative in this case, since it was only 4″). Then you sew 1/4″ on either side of both diagonals, like this.

8 HST - 1

Once you do that, you cut the square into quarters, using the line intersections as a guide.

8 HST - 2

Then you cut each piece along the diagonal

8 HST - 3

Lastly, you press them open (this one hasn’t been pressed yet). And since I want all of my seams to nest, which fabric gets pressed which direction is important.

8 HST - Sm

I spent a few afternoons doing the sewing/cutting, then spent the last 2 evenings pressing the HSTs open. It took me five and a half 40 minute television episodes 😀

Tetris HST cut

Tetris HST pressed

Up next… all 752 HSTs need to be squared up to 1.5″………

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