Adventures in the life of a gorram nerd

Holiday crunch time

Right now, besides freaking out about how to finish the Tetris quilt in time to get it to the quilter, I’m also worrying about how to finish holiday gifts. I have about 10 quilts that I want to have finished by mid-November to mail home for when I’m there for Thanksgiving (rather than schelping them on the plane). And it’s usually around this time of year that I get freaked out about how to get all of my gifts done in time. So, here is how I make my holiday gifts:

Feb-Mar: “I am not ready to start thinking about the holidays”
Apr-May: “I should probably start on gifts but I have tons of time”
Jun-Aug: “Okay, I really am going to start on gifts soon”
Sept-Oct: “Crap! I have so much to do. How is it the holidays already??”
Nov-Dec: Furious crafting
Jan: “Never doing that again… I’m going to start on gifts next month”


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