Adventures in the life of a gorram nerd

Block of the Month


Now that things have slowed down after finishing Tetris, I wanted to go back to showcasing some of my quilts. These are 3 block of the month programs that I participated in. For Razzle Dazzle (the black background one), it was one of the first guided quilts I made. The first few quilts, I designed my own patterns and did a “make it work” approach. This was one where I was working on building skills. One thing I was trying was to square up my blocks, meaning after you make the pieces you trim them to be square. The little bit I missed is that you trim them to be square AND the size you want. So if your squares need to be 1.5″, you trim them to 1.5″ (crazy, I know). But I just trimmed them to be square. So in the 2nd row, 2nd column, those little green wings are hilariously undersized with some creative piecing to get them all to fit, and it wasn’t until quite a bit later that I learned what I did wrong.

For the 3rd one (not Razzle Dazzle, not Asian BOM), it was a program for the quilt shop where I was working. Normally, for a BOM, you work on one block every month. This one, I had 2 weeks to assemble the entire thing. It was pretty intense, but fun. And a really cool looking quilt.

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