Adventures in the life of a gorram nerd

This weekend I was able to get 3 quilts in the mail! I’m currently working through about 40 finished quilt top UFOs (Unfinished Fabric Object)… Even though I had a longarm for years, I am awful at quilting quilts. Starting last May or so, I vowed to get these quilts finished and delivered. All of the tops have been quilted or given away (it counts as finishing), so now I’m just binding and adding a label.

The first one is one of my oldest UFOs. Back when I was working for this company, Inphonite, circa 2009, I made this quilt for the boss’ daughter:

Critter fabric raccoon squirrel butterfly kid quilt bright fabric

At the same time, I started on a quilt for the boss’ son. I left the job maybe 6 months later, but I always planned on finishing the quilt and getting it to them. Fast forward 4-5 years and I have finally accomplished this goal! This is one of the first quilts that I designed (you can tell my early work because it’s always significantly longer than it is wide). I hand appliqued his name in the center and added two quotes in permanent ink.

Next is one of my first Twister quilts. This uses the Country Schoolhouse Twister tool with 10″ squares (the biggest size Twister tool they (currently) make). When I was working at a quilt shop, we had so many beautiful Asian fabrics with the gorgeous gold on them, so I made this. Then while I was teaching a twister class, someone saw my quilt and wanted to make the same one so she bought all the same Asian fabrics right then and there.

This is a wedding gift to a former student who I think has only been married for 2 years, so it’s not thaaaat late.

Last one uses the Butterfly Carnival line of fabric. It came into the shop and I had to have some. I made giant churn dash blocks, cut them into quarters, and rotated them for this quilt. This is going to my former roommate’s mom. She and I are facebook friends and when she saw this she said she really liked it, so here’s hoping she meant she liked it enough to give it a home. With the leftover pieces, I made a little top which did get donated awhile ago.

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