Adventures in the life of a gorram nerd

Now that I have the gift quilts finished and en route to their recipients, I can work on other projects. First up was making the last few blocks for GenXQuilter’s Vice Versa BOM. For this BOM, each month we made 2 blocks – 1 with the “standard” color placement where you have a white background and colored fabric making up the shape, and then reversed with the white in the shape and then the background is the color. So every block in the quilt has an inversed buddy. This was really fun to make and I’m looking forward to exploring inversing (it’s a verb 😀 ) blocks more in the future.

Vice Versa Block of the Month BOM Gen X Quilters GenXQuilters Quilt Blanket Star Flying Geese Pinwheel Bear Paw Churn Dash

Comments on: "Vice Versa BOM – Finished top" (1)

  1. Wendy Canterman said:

    Love the colors!


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