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Batman – the 2nd

A few years ago, I made this Batman quilt for a friend. About a week after I delivered it to him, I found out another friend loves Batman, so cue Batman Quilt Part Deux. My inspiration for this was a film strip. I used a solid black to offset the crazy busyness of the fabric. And, oh, a few days after I finished the top, I found out another friend loves Batman…

Batman fabric Marvel DC superhero superheroes film strip Michael Miller black

A few block close ups:

Comments on: "Batman – the 2nd" (3)

  1. Would love this batman patterned quilt.


  2. Hello, I am simply in love with this quilt, my son and my husband would love it!

    Are you able to advise where you got the fabric from? I’m in Australia so fingers crossed they deliver!


    • Hi Peta,
      Thank you so much! The fabric came from I don’t remember the fabric line, unfortunately. I’ll usually search on for various novelty fabrics every few months and new ones will come up. I hope that helps!


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