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Fabric hoarder

Edit: Fabric has been gone since 2014. Sorry y’all.

I am a fabric hoarder…

Back in 2011, Kaufman fabrics released a line of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I LOVE the Grinch, I own the behind-the-scenes DVD, I have multiple ornaments on my tree, have plushies, etc, so I HAD to buy the fabric. I bought the fabric to make the quilt that Kaufman provided the free pattern to. Then I found a pattern in a magazine I HAD to make – buy more fabric. Ooh, and here’s another one – more fabric. I bought enough fabric for 3 quilts. Fast forward 3 years, I (of course) haven’t made a dang thing with the fabric. And now that I’m working through old projects before starting new ones, I pulled the fabric out, I found the patterns (miracle)… And I realized I have no desire to make any of the 3 quilts any more. I thought about designing my own quilts or doing something with the fabric but I realized I don’t want to do anything with it. I ended up listing it all on etsy and hoping someone will buy it and make it go away. But I’m just shaking my head all night and into today that I HAD to have this fabric, schlepped it around for 3 years, and don’t want it. I have 4 lines of Wizard of Oz fabric (for 4 quilts) that once I find it all, will have the same etsy fate. Same thing, HAD to have, don’t actually want.

Sometimes it feels like I’m a fabric collector, not a quilter :-/

How the Grinch Stole Christmas fabric Kaufman fabric hoarder collector etsy sell

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