Adventures in the life of a gorram nerd

Two friends of mine, Scott and Regina, got engaged … 6 (ish) months ago. They were visiting Seattle, and he called me ahead of time and let me know he was going to propose. We were walking by the water, and I pulled out my camera to, ahem, take a few pictures, started filming, he got on a knee and proposed. It was really cool to be apart of (and always exciting for me to know a secret and keep it!).

For their wedding, Regina asked if I would be willing to make them a guest book quilt (which I had the same idea a few days before and hadn’t gotten around to asking her). Rather than a book that each guest signs, each guest or couple/family signs a quilt square. Then (post-wedding) they get put into a quilt and the couple has something on their bed or guest room or a wall hanging or whatever.

She got me the color palette. It’s a bit… calmer than I’m used to, but I do love the colors.

Pastel wedding color palette pink brown tan wedding quilt guest book quilt

I sent her some examples of signature blocks / quilts and she picked out a rail fence block design. Each block will be 6″, with a 2″ x 6″ in the middle for the guest to sign with a permanent fabric pen. I sketched it up in Inkscape, using her colors. I plan to print a wedding photo onto fabric and have that as the centerpiece.

Pastel wedding color palette pink brown tan wedding quilt guest book quilt  layout  Inkscape Rail Fence signature block blocks photo fabric

For the actual fabric, they will be patterned rather than solids. I’ll take the color swatches into a quilt shop and get some fabrics.

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