Adventures in the life of a gorram nerd

The name for my shop, Gorram Quilts, comes from the television show Firefly. In it, they curse by saying “Gorram”, one of those “use a word that sounds close to what you mean but it’s not actually a curse word so take that censors” things.

As I’m getting more serious about selling my patterns and working on the website, I want to brand myself more. One of the things that I wanted was a gorram. I contacted a friend who does graphic design and asked him if he was up for the challenge. I didn’t know what I wanted (“ummmm… something like… you know … but not too… you know?”) and followed that up with a bunch of examples in the ballpark of what I wanted. Travis did a wonderful job of coming up with a first draft which helped me figure out specifically what I did want, and it only took us 3 drafts to come up with this guy. He still needs some tweaks – those aren’t the final browns, but that’s an evening with wine as I go color by color task and no reason to make Travis deal with that. I also want to tweak the look of the shop name but I’m not sure exactly how yet.

For any non-quilters, what he’s holding is a rotary cutter which is used to cut fabric, or the “G” in the shop name in his case.

His current name is Gregorio Gorram III but that may change. Also, when I hit my first $100,000 in sales, I’m getting plushies made 😀

Gorram Quilts logo monster Gregorio Gorram III whimsical where the wild things are rotary cutter shop logo mascot plushie

Comments on: "Meet Gregorio Gorram III" (1)

  1. Wendy Canterman said:

    Gregorio looks great! Congrats!!


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