Adventures in the life of a gorram nerd

QDAD – Week 6

… Hmmm, just realized this somehow posted in December 1969… not sure how I managed that… well, a few days late, here are my QDAD pics

Wow, a month and a half of doing quilt designs every day (*cough* on average).

My favorite this week is the rubber ducky on 1/15. I found the spark (inspiration) picture a little terrifying, which is interesting since giant rubber ducks weren’t on my list of fears, though I’m going to blame this one on Batman Returns. Anyway, I had made the first row of ducks and wanted to line them all up (you know, get my … ducks in a row……. yeah, sorry, had to say it) and I didn’t have the objects grouped right, so the eyes and beaks also went to the bottom of the image. I liked it and felt like it captured my reaction to that picture, so I left one row of my deconstructed ducks.

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