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Quilt show entry

This quilt is a tough one for me to share…

Pinwheel batik two blocks star gradient gradiant fabric Ta-Da Tada triangles thangles

Starting at the beginning… this was a really fun quilt to make. I had some gradient fabrics which I love playing with. There’s only 5-6 fabrics in this quilt, if memory serves. Each fabric is in the same position in each block, so in the bottom left, the red/green pinwheel, the red is from the same piece of fabric as the gold in the gold/pink on the far right. I used Ta-Da triangles, which are fusible web that you iron onto your fabric. Then you sew on designated lines and cut on other lines, and Ta-Da, half square triangles appear. I’ve used most of the trick products for making HSTs, like the Ta-Da’s and Thangles, and I prefer to do them the regular way or the 8-at-a-time way. But I digress. I made this quilt as part of a class and the teacher showed us her 3 pin method to get perfect points and I spent hours getting the pinwheel centers to line up perfectly and I was really proud of the quilt.

This was maybe my 6th-ish quilt top that I made. Since I was really proud and had recently joined the Tucson Quilt Guild and we had our annual show coming up, I decided to enter it in the show. I entered it in the piecing category as well as the Newbie category (for those who have been quilting less than 5 years). I didn’t win either (though the Newbie one was partially because they lost my quilt prior to the voting at the Guild :-/ ……). I received my critique from the judges and for all of the categories, they ranked me as “fair” except for the part about my quilt points, which I was so proud of, when they gave me a “poor”. I was absolutely crushed and ready to give up quilting. It was such an awful feeling. This was also a wedding gift for a friend so I packed off my terrible quilt and mailed it to her (and, of course, she loved it).

I received a lot of positive encouragement from some of my quilt mentors (Lynda at Quilter’s Market pops to mind) which helped get me through it. I learned to look at why I was quilting. I enjoy making my pieces as precise as possible but I don’t really care what other people thinking of my piecing (or I try not to). I do this for fun and to make gifts for people who appreciate them or donation quilts to help people, and I don’t want to spend hours agonizing over a seam (which people do) or anything that I would need to be “good enough” for a quilt judge.

So I share this quilt now since it is a really nice quilt that I’m proud of.

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  1. aww I love it. And I can’t imagine why they thought your points were poor. It looks great to me. But then again I’ve never entered any quilt competitions because I’m too scared.


  2. It looks fantastic to me! If I had received this as a gift, I would treasure it and the effort and skill that it represented for the rest of my life. Judges are in the business of saying “meh”, not “wow”, so that colors their response to a piece that they would drool over in the hours of their lives not spent with a judge’s hat on.


  3. Thank you both 🙂


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