Adventures in the life of a gorram nerd

Placemats and pillows

Today, I want to share some of my non-quilt projects. First up are the pillowcases that I made for my mom and my ex’s mom for Christmas many moons ago. I took a class on how to do paper piecing and these were the projects. I made them entirely with scraps except for the outer border of chili peppers. I made 10 total placemats, 2 of each color.

Placemat placemats place mat place mats  chili pepper cactus cacti flower flowers southwest southwestern paper piecing pepper peppers

My dad’s girlfriend had remodeled her kitchen and had added new white cabinets with grey slightly-translucent glass and wood handles. I sneaked a picture and then designed matching placements. She lives in San Diego and I was in Tucson at the time, so I mailed them to her. When I went to visit, she proudly showed me the placements being used to protect her bedroom dresser from the (dirty) tube TV scratching it… broke my heart a little but she was so happy. (She’s also now an ex, so it’s okay to post this story 🙂 ).

Placemat placemats place mat place mats white grey brown geometry cabinetLastly, when I was teaching, I had a student who was struggling at the school (it was a college prep school) and just wanted to drop out, get a hippie van, and live down by the river. For Christmas, I made her zebra print pillows to go in her van.

Zebra pillow pillows plush

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