Adventures in the life of a gorram nerd

I’ve had a little bit of time to work on this and have Blocks 5 and 12 finished.

Star Gazing BOM Block of the Month Solid Solids Swan Amity Studios Bella Girls American Brand Solids Seattle WA Clothworks Kona Cottons Hoffman Solids purple blue uneven pinwheelBlock 5 is the blue and purple pinwheel on the right. I had an hour at home between work and trivia and I told my trivia team that I needed to show them proof of a block completion to play. It only took me about 30 minutes and was just nice to make some progress.

When you first start sewing, what can happen is that the machine can grab the thread and give you a bird’s nest mess of thread. To avoid this, you can use scraps as starters/enders. You sew what you’re sewing and then rather than cutting it off the machine and being finished, you send through a scrap and leave it on the machine until you’re ready to sew again. Then when you start, you just sew and there are no new threads being started which means, no bird’s nest. What I try to do, since I want to minimize wasted thread (especially when it’s Aurifil… that is expensive!) is to sew multiple blocks at once. For Block 12, it’s a very simple block. I just keep its pieces next to my machine and when I need an ender, I grab two pieces and sew them together. I’ve been working on Block 12 in this way since I started and got it finished last night, with Block 5.

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