Adventures in the life of a gorram nerd

This first quilt was made using Tonga Treat strips. I try to avoid buying precut fabric since I usually end up hanging onto it longer than regular yardage (and it costs more), but these were so bright and yummy, I couldn’t resist.

Batik strip strips Tonga Treats 2.5" strips bright tropical fabric quilt quilts strip quilt easy quiltQuilter’s Market in Tucson hosts a summer quilt camp at the Tanque Verde Guest Ranch. You bring your sewing stuff and spend a weekend sewing and they interrupt us for food and games, but beyond that, it’s a weekend to sew/do whatever you want. I brought these fabrics there since I had been wanting to work on this quilt for awhile. This is also one of their patterns from Stripper’s Club (every other month they give you a free pattern for a quilt using 2.5″ strips). What I love about this pattern is that the squares in the center aren’t actually squares – they’re rectangles. Something about that has always made me like this pattern and quilt. When I posted the finished top on Facebook, one of my students said she really liked it, so it became her high school graduation gift.

Companion cube square rectangle quilt quilts white sashing jewel toned bright colors red green orange blue purple yellow shaded

This second quilt was a pattern in a magazine. It was also during summer at Bella Quiltworks where I worked. During the summer in Tucson, business always slows down (snowbirds are gone, it’s 110 degrees out), so I had a lot of time to stare at these beautiful fabrics. When I saw the pattern, I finally caved and bought the fabric. Though it has nothing to do with Portal, the cubes always make me think of the Companion Cube, so this became the Companion Cube quilt. When I quilted it (which I wish I had pictures of!), I quilted hearts in the center little square. This was a graduation gift for another student.


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  1. Wendy Canterman said:

    I love all the beautiful colors!


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