Adventures in the life of a gorram nerd

On Saturday, I mailed my SpriteStitch Mega Gift to my buddy. It’s going overseas, so it will take a week or 2 to arrive. Once it does, I will (finally) post pictures of the things. And, I know I’m biased, but let me tell you that they are fabulous.

Meanwhile… today is a Work In Progress day.

I joined the Meadow Mist Mystery QAL a few months ago and finally started on it this past week.

Meadow Mist Mystery Quilt-along QAL BOM Block of the Month Solid Kona Cotton American Brand Solids Flying geese square in a square

She offered us the option to peek, which I did. For her quilt, she has 4 colors. For mine, since I know where we’re heading, I’m making each <thing> a different color set. I went through my collection of solids hoping that I might have 30 different solids. I had closer to 40, not counting the box of solid fat quarters, heh. Right now, I’m through the first month (August), which is the flying geese at the bottom of each color set. Month 2 is square-in-a-square units (not pictured). I have one seam left on each SiaS, so I’m hoping to get those done tonight. Month 3, October, is a quick Courthouse Steps block. My goal is to be caught up through October by the weekend.

Separately, I’ve also been spending about an hour per night, every night, on my Zelda cross stitch (which I’m surprised I haven’t shared before now).

Zelda NES Waterfall title screen cross stitch

I started on this cross stitch in May 2010. I did the mountains and waterfall over the next 2.5 years and then set this aside. I moved to Seattle and left this in a box at my mom’s house. While visiting this past summer, I dug through my box and found it. I decided that I either needed to finish it or give it away. Since the mountains were the hard part, I decided to push forward. I have since stitched the words and am currently working on the rectangular border. Cross stitching is a little rough on my hands, so I limit myself to 1 hour per day. I’m making steady progress and my plan is to have the green done by mid-November (or 2 sides of the yellow, if I decide I’m sick of the green and fill in yellow instead).

Comments on: "Mystery quilt and cross stitch in progress" (1)

  1. Loving that Zelda cross stitch. Hope you continue to share your progress on it!


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