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I mailed my Mega Swap gift for the swap on Saturday. It was going all the way to the UK, so I was expecting it to take 1-2 weeks to get there. It completely shocked me by arriving on Wednesday. And that means I can share the presents now.

My buddy is BlackMageHeart who is one of the moderators for Sprite Stitch (no pressure). When I first saw her name, my first thought was to make a quilt with a Black Mage sprite from Final Fantasy. I was inspired by this quilt that Quiltoni made a few years ago… until I remembered the Quiltoni made it for BMH for the Swap a few years ago *face palm* I then got the idea, with Quiltoni’s permission, to make matching pillow shams. She sent me the sprite so it was easy to put together.

Black Mage pillow cases pillowcases pillow sham Andy Warhol batik sprite

I made 2 pillow shams. Quiltoni uses batiks so I tried to match her colors. It was also my first time making shams, and I’m very happy with how they came out. I inadvertently got a body fabric that blended in with the background for the one pillow, but I think it gives it a neat effect.

In addition to the shams, I made regular pillowcases.

Black Mage pillow cases pillowcases sprite cross stitch batik Easy Schmezy pattern

I cross stitched a Black Mage sprite onto each one. This was my first time cross stitching onto fabric and it was easier than I was expecting. I drew a grid (1/8″ increments) onto the fabric using a washable marking pen. And then I got to stitching. When I was finished, I washed the pillowcases and the stitching held up perfectly (phew!)

Lastly, I was trying to think what Black Mage items BMH didn’t have and I decided to make a clock. A buddy is a carpenter and gave me some left over cabinet wood. Another buddy has a jigsaw and cut out the outline. I painted it using acrylic paints. I bought a clock kit from Klockit where they provide you with the movement, hands, and nuts in one kit and you just need to put it together. Making a clock was a lot easier than I thought it would be. The clock is 12″ x 18″ which did require an expedition to find a box that would fit it.

Black Mage clock wood plywood acrylic paint 8-bit pixel

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