Adventures in the life of a gorram nerd

Here are 2 more finished quilts.

For the first one, the rainbow batik, we received this fabric line at the quilt shop. Usually I’m not a batik person but these colors are all so vibrant and needed to be turned into something. I made a bargello out of them. I keep the pattern very simple since I wanted to let the fabrics do the work. The border print was part of the fabric line and is perfect for finishing off the quilt.

This next one is also a fabric line that we received at the quilt shop. Each design comes in 2 colors – 1 with white as the background and 1 with blue as the background. I wanted to do something to reflect the colors/fabrics, so after about a week of doodling, I came up with this. Each block is reflected along the diagonal line. For the borders, I even have a diagonal border along the line, but the far borders are straight seams. The binding also switches depending which side of the quilt you’re looking at, and it’s quilted in blue thread on one side and white on the other. I had fun with this one 🙂

As with the other quilts, these are available for purchase through my Etsy site, link at the top of the page.

Comments on: "Finished quilts – rainbow batik and blue and beige" (1)

  1. Wendy Canterman said:

    I really like the blue gray one. It is amazing how different it looks with the blue background vs. the white background.


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