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Pattern release – Puzzle It Out

I’ve noticed that my interest/obsession with quilting waxes and wanes. I always will appreciate viewing other’s quilts but some days/weeks/months all I want to do is design and quilt and other times, I don’t. When that happens, I take a break and focus on other hobbies or activities. I am coming out of one of those low interest periods with a renewed fervor for quilting.

I designed an intricate twisted star quilt which I’ve been posting pictures of on my Facebook page (if you’re not following me there, you should. There are quilt and adorable cat photos). I plan to write up a pattern for that, once I’m done testing it out.

I also wrote up the pattern for my puzzle quilt – Puzzle It Out. The pattern is available through my Etsy store.

Puzzle 1

I made this quilt years ago and recently, I have had numerous requests for the pattern. All I could provide was an Excel sketch of a piece that made sense to me, but could be confusing for most others. I wrote up the pattern, which includes two variations.

The original design was to have a fully completed puzzle, like so:

Puzzle 3

However, when I first made the quilt, I didn’t sketch out the entire quilt. I sketched a row, did some quick math, and cut the number of pieces based on my quick math. When I went to lay it out, I found out that I was short one large border piece and had an extra small border piece. I also was out of fabric. Rather than having a single random-fabric piece, I chose to applique the wrong piece in the border (and stated that it was a design choice to have the wrong size piece rather than an error). This quilt’s name is “Trying to Fit In”.

Puzzle 2

The pattern includes the 1st variation with a completed quilt (as originally intended) as well as the 2nd variation to match my quilt, where a piece is appliqued in the border. You can do either a small or large piece trying to get into a small or large space.

Puzzle 4

The pattern was also named as “Puzzle It Out” rather than “Trying to Fit In”, since I imagine most people will do the finished quilt rather than the appliqued piece, but we’ll see. I would love to see pictures of any finished quilts!

Golden Gate sketch – quilt made by Lisa May

I met Swan of Swan Amity Studios when we worked together at Bella Quiltworks in Tucson. Among many other things, Swan teaches in Tucson at different quilt shops. During one of the classes, she met Lisa May. In their conversation, Lisa May showed Swan a picture of a quilt that she was working on. Swan recognized it as one of my designs. Lisa May had found the design online and had no idea that I was from Tucson or that I knew Swan, so it was a pretty cool “small world” moment.

Lisa May was kind enough to send me the photo of her finished quilt and to grant me permission to post it here.

Here is my original drawing. This was part of my Quilt Design A Day series. There’s a group on Facebook where someone would post “spark” pictures each day. You then design a quilt pattern based on the spark. This was my design based on the Golden Gate bridge. Also, my skill with Inkscape has substantially improved 🙂

Quilt Design A Day QDAD Inkscape Golden Gate Bridge

2014 1211

This is Lisa May’s beautiful version of my design. I love how much her colors pop. I remember not loving the Inkscape colors because I couldn’t get them bright enough. Lisa May nailed them!

Quilt Design A Day QDAD Inkscape Golden Gate Bridge

This is my 2nd sighting of one of my designs “out in the wild” and I’m very grateful to be able to share it with you all. Thank you Lisa May and Swan!

Square in a square and teal and brown quilts

Two more (historical) finished quilts to share.

Singular Sensations square in a square square-in-a-square purple green flowers black easy quilt quilts

When I worked at Bellas, one of the books that we had was called Singular Sensations. It has 14 quilts using the same square block. If you change the color placement, then you get a completely different looking quilt. Spiderman and Batman were also this block. This quilt was made for a student who had some type of medical condition… I don’t remember the exact details any more but I know she was in a lot of pain and missed a lot of school. At the time, I was spending a lot of time and effort making donation quilts for children in hospitals and it occurred to me that I should make one for her rather.

teal brown strip quilt bento box batik

7-ish years ago, teal and brown were insanely popular. Every quilt shop I went to, there were so many teals and browns. I knew so many people decorating in teal and brown. My friends in Texas had just gotten married or were getting married, so this was their wedding quilt (and it was finished only 1 year late!) It’s modeled off of a Bento Box pattern but the only rule I stuck with was alternating teal and brown in each block and then in each segment.

Farmer’s Market and Yellow Brick Road

Continuing the Etsy listing frenzy…

This first quilt is a Stripper’s Club pattern from the Quilter’s Market in Tucson, AZ (every month they give us a pattern made from 2.5″ quilt strips… what were you thinking of?). The fabric that I used by the Farmer’s Market line by RJR. I bought it for myself as a birthday present circa 2008 or so.

This next quilt is the first quilt top that I ever made. It was a class at the Quilter’s Market called Yellow Brick Road. There is now the YBR quilt patterns, but this pre-dates those. It’s made using fat quarters cut into strips. For the layout, you put all of the pieces into a bag and then randomly pull out each piece and sew. For me, who likes to know exactly where we’re going, it was a bit of a challenge, but fun. I really like how it turned out.

Yellow Brick Road finished quilt strip quilt Moda Marbles blue green yellow leaf leaves

Beatles finished quilt tops

I’m continuing getting my backlog of quilts listed on Etsy…

I grew up on the Beatles music and watching the Yellow Submarine movie. Even now, any time I say “PhD”, I say it as a single syllable, “fd” because of this movie. It also is the only reason why I’ve considered getting a PhD. I love the blue meanies and Jeremy Hillary Boob, PhD (the brown body + blue face guy in the center of the panel.

VIP / Cranston fabric put out a line based on the Yellow Submarine movie a few years ago and I bought enough for these 2 quilts.

The first, All You Need Is Love is a panel in the center, framed by some of the complimentary fabrics from the line.

Beatles All You Need Is Love Yellow Submarine finished quitl blue rainbow Paul McCartney John Lennon Ringo Star George Harrison blue meanie Cranston fabric

The second uses the Yellow Submarine panels, framed by the holes fabric (“there’s a hole in me pocket”) and some of the brighter fabrics for the line.

Beatles Yellow Submarine 2

More cranes and finished quilts

I finished another 50 cranes. The total is up to 350 (35% of the way there!) and I’m starting to run out of space in my first display case.

Origami flying cranes 1,000 paper folding

I also listed 3 more quilt tops on Etsy. The first is Vice Versa which I have posted about before.

Vice Versa Block of the Month BOM Gen X Quilters GenXQuilters Quilt Blanket Star Flying Geese Pinwheel Bear Paw Churn Dash

The second top is called Garden Jewels. It’s a strip pattern by the Quilter’s Market in Tucson, AZ. I bought the kit and made this top. Later, I inherited someone’s partially done quilt from the same kit and finished it. With the extra pieces from my and their kits, I made a 3rd, smaller quilt, so I’ve made this quilt 3 times. The 2nd and 3rd tops were donated to a gal who makes quilts to donate to the local hospital.

This top is called Hoopla and is also a Quilter’s Market strip pattern. It is also made from their kit which includes the die cut circles that came with fusible web on them. I blanket-stitched the applique pieces.

Finished quilts – Bargello and Rainbow BOW

I have about a dozen finished quilts sitting in a pile in my living room. They are all ones that I plan to sell (or donate if they don’t sell… they need to leave my house by the end of the year). A friend of mine did a photo shoot with the quilts and sent me the photos. I’ve been starting to go through and list them on Etsy. Here are the first two…

This is one of my 2 bargello quilts. I made this one using just stash fabric (imagine that… not buying new fabric). I love how it came out. After I had cut all of the required strips, I had a small leftover piece which I cut in half and added the little bit onto either end.

My next quilt is a Block of the Week that Swan Amity designed when we were working at Bella Quilts. We were in AZ where summers are 100-115 degrees every day so you just want to stay inside. Every summer we would do some type of “of the week” program to encourage customers to come into the store and give them something to do when they stayed home. For the original pattern, each week was a different fabric. I decided to do a rainbow cascade type effect with mine. We’re going to do something with this pattern, though we need to decide what. I’m pushing for a BOW (Block of the Week) quilt-along.

Stay tuned for many more finished quilts…

Block of the Week quilt

I have been quilting a lot but I can’t post anything!! I’ve been working on my swap gifts. I am doing both the mini and mega swap, so I have two different buddies. The deadline to get everything in the mail is October 31. I am finished making my gifts for the mini and just need to buy some [redacted]. For the mega, I have finished a few of the things and am working on other thing and waiting on other other thing. I can’t wait to get these finished and sent so I can properly talk about them!

There is also a Block of the Month announcement coming down the pike, but I have to wait on that too. That will be coming in a few weeks, right around quilt market.

Block of the Week BOW Block of the Month BOM rainbow diagonal bright white grey background grunge fabric

In the meantime, here is a picture of a quilt that I finished awhile ago. Every summer at the quilt shop we would do a Block of the Week to encourage people to come into the shop (summers are usually dead in AZ; no one wants to go outside when it’s 105+ degrees). I liked this one because you had a row for week 1, then a few blocks, then another row. For the shop sample, each block was a single fabric. They were all desert colors of various browns and tans. I decided to diagonal-rainbow (it’s a verb) the colors. I used mostly-solids that I had in my stash. Each fabric has a different thing to it – the orange looks like crushed velvet, the blue is a Moda Marble, the purple has dots, etc. The background is one of the Moda Grunge fabrics, which are still one of my favorite fabric lines. I just bought 42 fat quarters from that line, so expect to see more of the Grunge.

Hopefully the next update will include the secret projects.

Batik Strips and Companion Cube

This first quilt was made using Tonga Treat strips. I try to avoid buying precut fabric since I usually end up hanging onto it longer than regular yardage (and it costs more), but these were so bright and yummy, I couldn’t resist.

Batik strip strips Tonga Treats 2.5" strips bright tropical fabric quilt quilts strip quilt easy quiltQuilter’s Market in Tucson hosts a summer quilt camp at the Tanque Verde Guest Ranch. You bring your sewing stuff and spend a weekend sewing and they interrupt us for food and games, but beyond that, it’s a weekend to sew/do whatever you want. I brought these fabrics there since I had been wanting to work on this quilt for awhile. This is also one of their patterns from Stripper’s Club (every other month they give you a free pattern for a quilt using 2.5″ strips). What I love about this pattern is that the squares in the center aren’t actually squares – they’re rectangles. Something about that has always made me like this pattern and quilt. When I posted the finished top on Facebook, one of my students said she really liked it, so it became her high school graduation gift.

Companion cube square rectangle quilt quilts white sashing jewel toned bright colors red green orange blue purple yellow shaded

This second quilt was a pattern in a magazine. It was also during summer at Bella Quiltworks where I worked. During the summer in Tucson, business always slows down (snowbirds are gone, it’s 110 degrees out), so I had a lot of time to stare at these beautiful fabrics. When I saw the pattern, I finally caved and bought the fabric. Though it has nothing to do with Portal, the cubes always make me think of the Companion Cube, so this became the Companion Cube quilt. When I quilted it (which I wish I had pictures of!), I quilted hearts in the center little square. This was a graduation gift for another student.


10 Shades – Finished Quilt

When I was in Tucson last month, I brought 10 Shades of Grey home! Swan used her professional setup to take some photographs of it. This is the best one.

Star in the West quilt Bella Girls Monsoon Sunset Sunsets BOM Block of the Month Southwestern Pinwheel Geometric Flying Geese Black White Grey Row of the Month ROM machine quilting Handiquilter

Nancy did such an amazing job on the quilting. I was shocked with how intricate it was. She used white and grey threads. The negative space has so many individual shapes quilted into it. It really brings the quilt to life. And, just, wow. That’s really the only way I’ve been able to describe the quilt.

We (Swan and I) will be doing this as a Block of the Month/Quilt Along through my site starting in January. So if you want to make your own, make sure to follow me here or on Facebook for more information.

The quilt is home and on my bed. Here is Blitz (my Seahawks pillow pet) enjoying it.

Star in the West quilt Bella Girls Monsoon Sunset Sunsets BOM Block of the Month Southwestern Pinwheel Geometric Flying Geese Black White Grey Row of the Month ROM machine quilting Handiquilter Seattle Seahawks Blitz pillow pet