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Golden Gate sketch – quilt made by Lisa May

I met Swan of Swan Amity Studios when we worked together at Bella Quiltworks in Tucson. Among many other things, Swan teaches in Tucson at different quilt shops. During one of the classes, she met Lisa May. In their conversation, Lisa May showed Swan a picture of a quilt that she was working on. Swan recognized it as one of my designs. Lisa May had found the design online and had no idea that I was from Tucson or that I knew Swan, so it was a pretty cool “small world” moment.

Lisa May was kind enough to send me the photo of her finished quilt and to grant me permission to post it here.

Here is my original drawing. This was part of my Quilt Design A Day series. There’s a group on Facebook where someone would post “spark” pictures each day. You then design a quilt pattern based on the spark. This was my design based on the Golden Gate bridge. Also, my skill with Inkscape has substantially improved 🙂

Quilt Design A Day QDAD Inkscape Golden Gate Bridge

2014 1211

This is Lisa May’s beautiful version of my design. I love how much her colors pop. I remember not loving the Inkscape colors because I couldn’t get them bright enough. Lisa May nailed them!

Quilt Design A Day QDAD Inkscape Golden Gate Bridge

This is my 2nd sighting of one of my designs “out in the wild” and I’m very grateful to be able to share it with you all. Thank you Lisa May and Swan!

QDAD – Week 6

… Hmmm, just realized this somehow posted in December 1969… not sure how I managed that… well, a few days late, here are my QDAD pics

Wow, a month and a half of doing quilt designs every day (*cough* on average).

My favorite this week is the rubber ducky on 1/15. I found the spark (inspiration) picture a little terrifying, which is interesting since giant rubber ducks weren’t on my list of fears, though I’m going to blame this one on Batman Returns. Anyway, I had made the first row of ducks and wanted to line them all up (you know, get my … ducks in a row……. yeah, sorry, had to say it) and I didn’t have the objects grouped right, so the eyes and beaks also went to the bottom of the image. I liked it and felt like it captured my reaction to that picture, so I left one row of my deconstructed ducks.

QDAD – Week 5

I got myself caught up on my QDAD patterns for last week plus stayed current this week. I have one where I did a block rather than a whole quilt, and I wanted to see what the whole quilt would look like, so there is both.


QDAD – Week 4

I’m running a little behind this week, so there are only 5 designs. I’ll have the other 2 with next week’s!

On the Facebook page, every so often the moderator will change the “QDAD” logo to include some of the patterns. I’m the first “D” this month!

Quilt Design A Day QDAD Inkscape Logo Facebook

QDAD – Week 3

Here is week 3 of my Quilt Design A Day patterns. The name of my snowman is “Did I do it right?” Being from the desert, it’s always a joke that I don’t know how snow works.

QDAD – Week 2

Last week, I posted about how I joined a Quilt Design A Day (QDAD) group on facebook. Here are this week’s patterns. I was in a very gradient mood apparently. The 12/20 pattern with the circles is probably my favorite. I learned a bunch of Inkscape techniques and tricks to get the gradient and interlocking circles.

Quilt Design A Day – Week 1

I found a wonderful group on Facebook called Quilt Design A Day or QDAD. The idea is that someone puts up a photo each day with a color palette, and then you design something. It’s open ended, so you can add or remove colors, etc. It’s supposed to get your creative juices flowing and encourage you to draw and design. I started using Inkscape software. Previously, I used Excel and Word (don’t judge) for everything but this was so over the abilities of those that I took their recommendations and installed Inkscape. It’s freeware and open source. It has a bit of a learning curve (in the QDAD group, they made in seem worse than it was for me) but Inkscape has great tutorials and I love it. I called up a few friends and said “quick, give me a hand drawn pattern to draw” and now have a few new projects on my plate.

My first picture was on 12/11, so I’ve now done 3. I plan to post the prior week’s every Sunday (in theory).

The photos on the left are the inspiration. The right is what I came up with.