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Finished quilts – Bargello and Rainbow BOW

I have about a dozen finished quilts sitting in a pile in my living room. They are all ones that I plan to sell (or donate if they don’t sell… they need to leave my house by the end of the year). A friend of mine did a photo shoot with the quilts and sent me the photos. I’ve been starting to go through and list them on Etsy. Here are the first two…

This is one of my 2 bargello quilts. I made this one using just stash fabric (imagine that… not buying new fabric). I love how it came out. After I had cut all of the required strips, I had a small leftover piece which I cut in half and added the little bit onto either end.

My next quilt is a Block of the Week that Swan Amity designed when we were working at Bella Quilts. We were in AZ where summers are 100-115 degrees every day so you just want to stay inside. Every summer we would do some type of “of the week” program to encourage customers to come into the store and give them something to do when they stayed home. For the original pattern, each week was a different fabric. I decided to do a rainbow cascade type effect with mine. We’re going to do something with this pattern, though we need to decide what. I’m pushing for a BOW (Block of the Week) quilt-along.

Stay tuned for many more finished quilts…

Sunset bargello

Bargello Michael Miller Jet Black Sunset Cascade Stash 2.5" Strips Jelly Roll

This is my first bargello. I used only stash fabrics. After I cut the strips, I couldn’t stand to waste the little bit leftover fabric so I cut it in half and added it to the ends. I used Michael Miller Jet Black to really contrast with the colors. In general, I do a lot of pinning and this quilt was no exception… I did pin every single seam in this quilt. I also alternated how I pressed the seams so they would nest, so my seams line up really well (in my humble opinion)