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Batman – the 2nd

A few years ago, I made this Batman quilt for a friend. About a week after I delivered it to him, I found out another friend loves Batman, so cue Batman Quilt Part Deux. My inspiration for this was a film strip. I used a solid black to offset the crazy busyness of the fabric. And, oh, a few days after I finished the top, I found out another friend loves Batman…

Batman fabric Marvel DC superhero superheroes film strip Michael Miller black

A few block close ups:

Superhero quilts and blankets

Today I want to showcase some of my superhero quilts.

I had purchased the book Singular Sensations which uses a single block but depending on your colors/placement, all kinds of cool patterns emerge. I used that block to make these Batman and Superman quilts which were Christmas gifts for 2 of my friends. When I was showing Batman at a Show and Tell at my quilt show, one of the ladies says “that little boy is going to love it” and I was like “yeeeahhh, he’s 25”.

More recently, I purchased 2 fleece blanket kits. Spiderman went to my cousin, as a gift from my mom. Green Lantern is currently listed in my etsy shop.