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Beatles finished quilt tops

I’m continuing getting my backlog of quilts listed on Etsy…

I grew up on the Beatles music and watching the Yellow Submarine movie. Even now, any time I say “PhD”, I say it as a single syllable, “fd” because of this movie. It also is the only reason why I’ve considered getting a PhD. I love the blue meanies and Jeremy Hillary Boob, PhD (the brown body + blue face guy in the center of the panel.

VIP / Cranston fabric put out a line based on the Yellow Submarine movie a few years ago and I bought enough for these 2 quilts.

The first, All You Need Is Love is a panel in the center, framed by some of the complimentary fabrics from the line.

Beatles All You Need Is Love Yellow Submarine finished quitl blue rainbow Paul McCartney John Lennon Ringo Star George Harrison blue meanie Cranston fabric

The second uses the Yellow Submarine panels, framed by the holes fabric (“there’s a hole in me pocket”) and some of the brighter fabrics for the line.

Beatles Yellow Submarine 2

Beatles quilts

Growing up, the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine was one of my favorite movies (though I get it a lot more now). When this fabric line came out a few years ago from VIP Cranston Village fabrics, I had to get some. I made two quilts, one focusing on the All You Need is Love panel and one with Yellow Submarine. I wanted to showcase the fabric so I used simple rectangles of fabric and basic quilting to make the fabric pop.