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Superhero capes

Super Hero Superhero Superheroes Super Man Superman Man of Steel Solids Applique letter fleece felt

2 days before Man of Steel premiered in 2013, my friend Ben texts me with “Hey, can you make me a Superman cape for the premiere?” Some frantic googling for a tutorial (I used this one, which was wonderful), Jo-Ann shopping, and texts of “only if you help” brought Ben and 3 friends over to my house and they became my assembly line. We made 5 capes. Ben had a solid red one and at the movie, a little kid whispered to his mom “look! It’s Superman!”. The rest of us had our initials sewn onto the back (B for Brian, D for Dayana, M for Maggie, and C for Carolyn). I used felt for the applique letters. Candice (who didn’t want a cape but was cool being a helper elf… first time I met her too) drew all the letters and cut them out.

Super Hero Superhero Superheroes Super Man Superman Man of Steel Solids Applique letter fleece felt

This is Brian and me, with our friends John and Randy, at the movie premiere sporting our sexy capes.

Happy Halloween

I’m going to a friend’s party where she said costumes are mandatory. I have at least 4 costumes in the closet, so that’s easy enough for me but my (male) friend was panicky after the host said she will dress up anyone who isn’t in a costume and all of her costumes are for females. So after some brainstorming, we came up with the idea of him being Twitter. I used the leftover fusible web from Tetris to make the birds. There is a bird on each side. At the party, he’s going to follow people around (get it?) and only speak with 140 characters and repeat/retweet what people say. It should be annoying as heck, but at least he will look great!

Twitter logo Halloween costume tshirt fusible web

Alice in Wonderland – costumes

A few years ago I stage managed Alice in Wonderland. I also made the costumes for the white rabbit, the knights, and the playing cards. The white rabbit and playing cards had the heart with a crown on the back of their costumes. The knights had the knights on both sides. The base was muslin. I used fusible web to attach the appliques. I wasn’t able to stitch on the red fabric because it frayed too much (even with the fusible), so I told the actors to be super careful with their costumes and re-ironed anything that fell off.

For the playing cards, we had 3 actors: 2 short gals and 1 tall guy, hence the amusing difference in costume size. One night, they were in a rush and screwed up the costumes, so the guy had one that barely came to his waist and one of the girls was almost tripping in hers.