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Legend of Zelda – finished cross stitch

Well, after 6 years, I put the final stitches in the Legend of Zelda cross stitch this week.It’s hard to believe that it’s actually finished. The next steps will be washing and framing it but that’s going to wait for a little bit. The first night after the cross stitch was finished, I didn’t really know what to do with myself. My next project will be a 6″ charity square for Sprite Stitch’s stitching for charity.

Zelda NES Waterfall title screen cross stitch

On the crane front, with these green guys, the total is up to 133.

Origami flying cranes 1,000 paper folding

I also had an amazing Goodwill find of this display case. This is the first 100.

Origami flying cranes 1,000 paper folding

Mystery Quilt Top is Finished and Cross Stitch Update

I know I haven’t been posting much lately. In my non-quilting life, I am an office manager/accountant for a small software company. We were just acquired by Pitney Bowes, and the last few months have been submitting thousands of documents to make the merger happen. I’ve been working 9+ hour days and weekends to get my part together. And now that the deal is closed, I will have more time for quilting, since I sure miss it!

I have made some progress on a few things. I finished the quilt top for the Meadow Mist Mystery Quilt-Along. It was a really fun quilt to make and I’m loving how it came out. I’m not sure how I want to quilt it. January is the assembly month, so I caught up with the group and am eligible for the giveaway prizes.

Meadow Mist QAL Finished

Mostly, I have been working on my cross stitch. For the last month, I’ve had enough energy when I get home to put something on the TV and stitch for 30-60 minutes and then pass out. Bad for quilting progress, great for the cross stitch. The letters are wonderful (it will say “Zelda”) since I can do the outline and then mindlessly fill in while I watch something.

Zelda cross stitch 1-13-16

My life should resume a normal pace and balance now, so there will be more regular updates. I’m getting ready to pattern test a beautiful quilt for Desert Bloom Quilting (more on that later). I also have two wedding quilts to put together, and signed up for an NES Block of the Month. Plus, of course, my 2016 Quilt-Along which it’s not too late to sign up for.

SpriteStitch Mega Swap

I mailed my Mega Swap gift for the swap on Saturday. It was going all the way to the UK, so I was expecting it to take 1-2 weeks to get there. It completely shocked me by arriving on Wednesday. And that means I can share the presents now.

My buddy is BlackMageHeart who is one of the moderators for Sprite Stitch (no pressure). When I first saw her name, my first thought was to make a quilt with a Black Mage sprite from Final Fantasy. I was inspired by this quilt that Quiltoni made a few years ago… until I remembered the Quiltoni made it for BMH for the Swap a few years ago *face palm* I then got the idea, with Quiltoni’s permission, to make matching pillow shams. She sent me the sprite so it was easy to put together.

Black Mage pillow cases pillowcases pillow sham Andy Warhol batik sprite

I made 2 pillow shams. Quiltoni uses batiks so I tried to match her colors. It was also my first time making shams, and I’m very happy with how they came out. I inadvertently got a body fabric that blended in with the background for the one pillow, but I think it gives it a neat effect.

In addition to the shams, I made regular pillowcases.

Black Mage pillow cases pillowcases sprite cross stitch batik Easy Schmezy pattern

I cross stitched a Black Mage sprite onto each one. This was my first time cross stitching onto fabric and it was easier than I was expecting. I drew a grid (1/8″ increments) onto the fabric using a washable marking pen. And then I got to stitching. When I was finished, I washed the pillowcases and the stitching held up perfectly (phew!)

Lastly, I was trying to think what Black Mage items BMH didn’t have and I decided to make a clock. A buddy is a carpenter and gave me some left over cabinet wood. Another buddy has a jigsaw and cut out the outline. I painted it using acrylic paints. I bought a clock kit from Klockit where they provide you with the movement, hands, and nuts in one kit and you just need to put it together. Making a clock was a lot easier than I thought it would be. The clock is 12″ x 18″ which did require an expedition to find a box that would fit it.

Black Mage clock wood plywood acrylic paint 8-bit pixel

Mystery quilt and cross stitch in progress

On Saturday, I mailed my SpriteStitch Mega Gift to my buddy. It’s going overseas, so it will take a week or 2 to arrive. Once it does, I will (finally) post pictures of the things. And, I know I’m biased, but let me tell you that they are fabulous.

Meanwhile… today is a Work In Progress day.

I joined the Meadow Mist Mystery QAL a few months ago and finally started on it this past week.

Meadow Mist Mystery Quilt-along QAL BOM Block of the Month Solid Kona Cotton American Brand Solids Flying geese square in a square

She offered us the option to peek, which I did. For her quilt, she has 4 colors. For mine, since I know where we’re heading, I’m making each <thing> a different color set. I went through my collection of solids hoping that I might have 30 different solids. I had closer to 40, not counting the box of solid fat quarters, heh. Right now, I’m through the first month (August), which is the flying geese at the bottom of each color set. Month 2 is square-in-a-square units (not pictured). I have one seam left on each SiaS, so I’m hoping to get those done tonight. Month 3, October, is a quick Courthouse Steps block. My goal is to be caught up through October by the weekend.

Separately, I’ve also been spending about an hour per night, every night, on my Zelda cross stitch (which I’m surprised I haven’t shared before now).

Zelda NES Waterfall title screen cross stitch

I started on this cross stitch in May 2010. I did the mountains and waterfall over the next 2.5 years and then set this aside. I moved to Seattle and left this in a box at my mom’s house. While visiting this past summer, I dug through my box and found it. I decided that I either needed to finish it or give it away. Since the mountains were the hard part, I decided to push forward. I have since stitched the words and am currently working on the rectangular border. Cross stitching is a little rough on my hands, so I limit myself to 1 hour per day. I’m making steady progress and my plan is to have the green done by mid-November (or 2 sides of the yellow, if I decide I’m sick of the green and fill in yellow instead).

iPhone cross stitch case and scarves

Continuing with non-quilt projects…

First up is the Boo iPhone case that I stitched for my friend Brian. They sell rubbery cases that have the cross stitch holes cut into the case. You then design whatever you want (they provide some ideas) and stitch it up. His favorite Mario character is Boo and any time we play Mario Party or Mario Kart or such, we all know to give him Boo. And purple is his favorite color.

iPhone Android smartphone cross stitch case Mario Boo Mario Kart Mario Party ghost video game NES SNES Wii

I know that when I think about cell phone cases, I immediately think about scarves … so here are some scarves that I’ve made. I have trouble knitting with needles because I suck at it and it’s tough on my hands. I can crochet find but it takes forever. One day during a break in class, one of my students was knitting on a loom. She showed me how it worked and I went out and bought a set. Brian and I (oh, there’s the connection between iPhones and scarves) both took up loom knitting since it’s easy to do while you’re doing other things and is great for people like us who can’t sit still. Here is my loom with a scarf in progress.

Loom Knit Knitting Instructables Knifty Knitter Lion Brand JoAnn Jo Ann plastic loom Red Heart yarn green and navy blue scarf Seahawks Sounders

With the loom, I learned some basic stitches and made some scarves with 1 or 2 colors of yarn. Usually, the color blocks are horizontal. I wanted to figure out a way to make them vertically, so I came up with my own technique. It makes a cool zipper effect in the middle. This one used Red Heart yarn and is Seahawks colors for my friend who is a Hawks fan. And I liked it so much, I made myself an identical one.

Loom Knit Knitting Instructables Knifty Knitter Lion Brand  JoAnn Jo Ann plastic loom Red Heart yarn green and navy blue scarf Seahawks Sounders

After doing a few scarves like this and the regular technique, I wanted to see if I could make patterns in the loom. It’s not quite as straightforward as it would be with needle knitting. I started with a Doctor Who / Tardis scarf for my other friend. I used a wider loom than the one above, and I’m really happy with how it came out.

Loom Knit Knitting Instructables Knifty Knitter Lion Brand  JoAnn Jo Ann plastic loom Red Heart yarn Doctor Who Dr Who Tardis blue scarf

The next pattern was a heart. This is probably my favorite so far. I don’t have a finished picture anywhere, but I did finish it… I think. It has a heart on either end. I was thinking it might be cool to have a whole poker series of scarves.

Loom Knit Knitting Instructables Knifty Knitter Lion Brand  JoAnn Jo Ann plastic loom Red Heart yarn heart scarf red white beige Valentine Valentine's Day