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Fleece baby blankets

Taking a posting break from the Stitch-Along …

When I was working at the quilt shop, one of our customers came in with a piece of fleece and some binding ribbon. What they do is to sew the binding ribbon around the edges of the fleece, and boom, baby blanket. It’s the type of blanket that you take to the park and throw on the ground and can be handled more roughly than a baby quilt. It’s also faster than the fringe tie fleece blankets that I sometimes do. I had friends who were having or adopting babies and this seemed like an easy project, so I bought some fleece and got to stitching.

The first is my favorite. It’s for a former student’s daughter. The baby’s room decor is pink zebra stripe. I had so much trouble finding pink zebra stripe… there was lots of regular zebra stripe but no pink. I wandered into a Hancock fabric on a whim and found it on sale! She just had her 2nd baby and I owe them a new blanket.

Fleece baby blanket quilt ribbon binding quick fast baby gift bright pink zebra stripe

Next is for my friend’s foster child. Since he didn’t know if it was going to be a girl or boy, I wanted to go as neutral as possible.

Fleece baby blanket quilt ribbon binding quick fast baby gift black grey gray yellow chic gender neutral

Lastly, this one went to my high school friend for her daughter. And who doesn’t like sock monkeys?

Fleece baby blanket quilt ribbon binding quick fast baby gift red blue sock monkey

I bought about a dozen pieces of fleece from JoAnn’s and found the ribbon wholesale, so my plan is to make a dozen of these and list them on my Etsy site

Superhero quilts and blankets

Today I want to showcase some of my superhero quilts.

I had purchased the book Singular Sensations which uses a single block but depending on your colors/placement, all kinds of cool patterns emerge. I used that block to make these Batman and Superman quilts which were Christmas gifts for 2 of my friends. When I was showing Batman at a Show and Tell at my quilt show, one of the ladies says “that little boy is going to love it” and I was like “yeeeahhh, he’s 25”.

More recently, I purchased 2 fleece blanket kits. Spiderman went to my cousin, as a gift from my mom. Green Lantern is currently listed in my etsy shop.