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Quilt show entry

This quilt is a tough one for me to share…

Pinwheel batik two blocks star gradient gradiant fabric Ta-Da Tada triangles thangles

Starting at the beginning… this was a really fun quilt to make. I had some gradient fabrics which I love playing with. There’s only 5-6 fabrics in this quilt, if memory serves. Each fabric is in the same position in each block, so in the bottom left, the red/green pinwheel, the red is from the same piece of fabric as the gold in the gold/pink on the far right. I used Ta-Da triangles, which are fusible web that you iron onto your fabric. Then you sew on designated lines and cut on other lines, and Ta-Da, half square triangles appear. I’ve used most of the trick products for making HSTs, like the Ta-Da’s and Thangles, and I prefer to do them the regular way or the 8-at-a-time way. But I digress. I made this quilt as part of a class and the teacher showed us her 3 pin method to get perfect points and I spent hours getting the pinwheel centers to line up perfectly and I was really proud of the quilt.

This was maybe my 6th-ish quilt top that I made. Since I was really proud and had recently joined the Tucson Quilt Guild and we had our annual show coming up, I decided to enter it in the show. I entered it in the piecing category as well as the Newbie category (for those who have been quilting less than 5 years). I didn’t win either (though the Newbie one was partially because they lost my quilt prior to the voting at the Guild :-/ ……). I received my critique from the judges and for all of the categories, they ranked me as “fair” except for the part about my quilt points, which I was so proud of, when they gave me a “poor”. I was absolutely crushed and ready to give up quilting. It was such an awful feeling. This was also a wedding gift for a friend so I packed off my terrible quilt and mailed it to her (and, of course, she loved it).

I received a lot of positive encouragement from some of my quilt mentors (Lynda at Quilter’s Market pops to mind) which helped get me through it. I learned to look at why I was quilting. I enjoy making my pieces as precise as possible but I don’t really care what other people thinking of my piecing (or I try not to). I do this for fun and to make gifts for people who appreciate them or donation quilts to help people, and I don’t want to spend hours agonizing over a seam (which people do) or anything that I would need to be “good enough” for a quilt judge.

So I share this quilt now since it is a really nice quilt that I’m proud of.