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QAL 2016 – Sponsor announcement

I’m still here! The last month has been crazy. I am currently frantically finishing Christmas gifts (every year, same thing). There will be pictures of those in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, Swan and I are putting the finishing touches on the QAL patterns. We received some very exciting news. American Made Brands is going to sponsor the QAL! For those of you who don’t know, AMB is a US based (Seattle, coincidentally) fabric manufacturer who makes the most beautiful solid fabrics that I’ve ever worked with. For the last 2 years, any time solids come up, I mention (gush about) AMB. I have used them in a few quilts: Star Gazing and Meadow Mist Mystery, plus a handful of UFOs.

When we found out about the sponsorship, that meant that I got to choose from their 62 fabrics to pick what I wanted for the quilt. 2 nights ago, I connected my computer to my 47″ television and, using Inkscape, I played with the AMB fabrics to come up with a color scheme. I forbid myself from using white, black, beige, or grey for the background, to get out of my comfort zone. This is what I ended up designing:

StarInTheWest AMB

The fabrics have been requested and are on their way!

Here is a picture of the coloring in progress on my television. Sorry for the lighting: dark room + bright tv = poor lighting for a picture.

Designing on the tv

The QAL kicks off on January 2. There is still plenty of time to sign up via Swan Amity’s website. It is only $24 for the entire year. There will be a Flickr area to share your quilt progress, and AMB will be providing prizes. We don’t know what they will be just yet, but tentatively we’re looking at quarterly prizes.

Happy quilting!


Star Gazing BOM – pattern

Hi everyone! I am back from Asia and ready to get back into quilting.

To kick it off, this is Star Gazing. I’ve mentioned this once or twice but this is the first picture. A few years ago, I worked at a quilt shop and we did sampler after sampler BOMs before we said “I can’t do another sampler quilt!” which was when we (mostly Swan) started designing our own BOM. Typically, Swan designs, Kathie figures out how the heck to construct what Swan came up with, and then I do the graphics on the computer. Here is our newest, Star Gazing.

Star Gazing BOM Block of the Month Solid Solids American Brand Solids Seattle WA Clothworks Blue blues Pink pinks

Right now, we have draft 1 for all of the patterns written up with pictures. While I was gone, Kathie and Swan were testing and editing. Swan’s version is limited to 8 colors since it’s easier to kit a BOM with fewer colors. But since I’m just doing my own for me, I have no color restrictions, so this is mine in all of its 16-ish color glory. I’m primarily using American Made Solids with a few Kona Cottons when I needed a certain color.

Star Gazing BOM Block of the Month Solid Solids American Brand Solids Seattle WA Clothworks Kona Cottons Blue blues Pink pinks

I will be posting pictures of each block. The pattern will be available through either Swan Amity Studios or possibly Quilters Market in Tucson… I’m not sure what the plan is; I just do the technical bits.

QDAD – Week 6

… Hmmm, just realized this somehow posted in December 1969… not sure how I managed that… well, a few days late, here are my QDAD pics

Wow, a month and a half of doing quilt designs every day (*cough* on average).

My favorite this week is the rubber ducky on 1/15. I found the spark (inspiration) picture a little terrifying, which is interesting since giant rubber ducks weren’t on my list of fears, though I’m going to blame this one on Batman Returns. Anyway, I had made the first row of ducks and wanted to line them all up (you know, get my … ducks in a row……. yeah, sorry, had to say it) and I didn’t have the objects grouped right, so the eyes and beaks also went to the bottom of the image. I liked it and felt like it captured my reaction to that picture, so I left one row of my deconstructed ducks.

QDAD – Week 5

I got myself caught up on my QDAD patterns for last week plus stayed current this week. I have one where I did a block rather than a whole quilt, and I wanted to see what the whole quilt would look like, so there is both.


QDAD – Week 4

I’m running a little behind this week, so there are only 5 designs. I’ll have the other 2 with next week’s!

On the Facebook page, every so often the moderator will change the “QDAD” logo to include some of the patterns. I’m the first “D” this month!

Quilt Design A Day QDAD Inkscape Logo Facebook

QDAD – Week 3

Here is week 3 of my Quilt Design A Day patterns. The name of my snowman is “Did I do it right?” Being from the desert, it’s always a joke that I don’t know how snow works.

QDAD – Week 2

Last week, I posted about how I joined a Quilt Design A Day (QDAD) group on facebook. Here are this week’s patterns. I was in a very gradient mood apparently. The 12/20 pattern with the circles is probably my favorite. I learned a bunch of Inkscape techniques and tricks to get the gradient and interlocking circles.