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Farmer’s Market and Yellow Brick Road

Continuing the Etsy listing frenzy…

This first quilt is a Stripper’s Club pattern from the Quilter’s Market in Tucson, AZ (every month they give us a pattern made from 2.5″ quilt strips… what were you thinking of?). The fabric that I used by the Farmer’s Market line by RJR. I bought it for myself as a birthday present circa 2008 or so.

This next quilt is the first quilt top that I ever made. It was a class at the Quilter’s Market called Yellow Brick Road. There is now the YBR quilt patterns, but this pre-dates those. It’s made using fat quarters cut into strips. For the layout, you put all of the pieces into a bag and then randomly pull out each piece and sew. For me, who likes to know exactly where we’re going, it was a bit of a challenge, but fun. I really like how it turned out.

Yellow Brick Road finished quilt strip quilt Moda Marbles blue green yellow leaf leaves

Beatles finished quilt tops

I’m continuing getting my backlog of quilts listed on Etsy…

I grew up on the Beatles music and watching the Yellow Submarine movie. Even now, any time I say “PhD”, I say it as a single syllable, “fd” because of this movie. It also is the only reason why I’ve considered getting a PhD. I love the blue meanies and Jeremy Hillary Boob, PhD (the brown body + blue face guy in the center of the panel.

VIP / Cranston fabric put out a line based on the Yellow Submarine movie a few years ago and I bought enough for these 2 quilts.

The first, All You Need Is Love is a panel in the center, framed by some of the complimentary fabrics from the line.

Beatles All You Need Is Love Yellow Submarine finished quitl blue rainbow Paul McCartney John Lennon Ringo Star George Harrison blue meanie Cranston fabric

The second uses the Yellow Submarine panels, framed by the holes fabric (“there’s a hole in me pocket”) and some of the brighter fabrics for the line.

Beatles Yellow Submarine 2

Christmas gifts

With a whole 3 days to spare, I have the last of my Christmas gifts finished. This year, I made two sets of pillow cases. The first is for my friend’s son who is obsessed with the Avengers.

Marvel Avengers pillow case pillowcase Hulk Captain America Thor IronMan Iron Man kids novelty easy red blue

Next, is for my buddy who is obsessed with Spider-Man. I promised him a Spider-Man quilt when he graduated from college… and then I moved and ended up getting rid of the fabric. So though this isn’t a quilt, hopefully it will be close enough to what I promised him.

Spiderman Spider-man Spider Man pillow case pillow cases pillowcases Marvel blue red novelty Avengers

Doctor Who Apron 1 – Complete

Remember in November when I bought Doctor Who fabric to make Christmas aprons? I ended up not making them in time and the fabric has just been hanging out… waiting… until my friend’s birthday. Since a Doctor Who apron is a much better birthday gift than Christmas gift … because of … reasons.

Anywho, I spent the day working on the apron. I got the pattern from and I don’t think I can rave enough about her patterns. I have extensive quilting experience, but almost 0 experience making clothes (and no experience making things correctly, just guessing). Her pattern says that it’s for beginners, but I had my doubts. Her instructions were so detailed and there were pictures for each step, it was so easy to make (all 80 steps of it). For the pattern, you get a 16 page file of the pattern pieces which you print on regular letter paper, tape together, and then cut out the shapes. And that may be a common thing but my experience is just the patterns on the light brown tissue paper so I appreciate her pattern being easy to print.

Doctor Who Dr Who Tardis retro apron blue green teal ruffle trim full apron batik

Here is the fabric cut out with the pattern pieces. I found a teal batik to match the colors in the Tardis fabric.

Doctor Who Dr Who Tardis retro apron blue green teal ruffle trim full apron batik

Close up of the fabric. I used a cotton poplin. It’s thicker than I’m used to (compared to regular cottons) and I was worried it was too thick, but since it’s an apron that will be used and washed, I think it’s an appropriate thickness.

Doctor Who Dr Who Tardis retro apron blue green teal ruffle trim full apron batik

I got some off white ruffle trim from Joanns and made the skirt.

Doctor Who Dr Who Tardis retro apron blue green teal ruffle trim full apron batik

Next up was the bodice, including some ruching at the top. And throughout all of this, I didn’t sew myself to anything! Not even once! I was also thinking this could work as a swimsuit, with different fabrics.

Dr Who Apron top

I got both halves put together and had my finished apron!

Doctor Who Dr Who Tardis retro apron blue green teal ruffle trim full apron batik

The problem with aprons is that they don’t look quite so fabulous laying down, so when I gave it to my friend, I took pictures of the apron being worn. And I taught Paul how to bevel.

Early quilts

Here are 2 more of my first quilts. This first one is, I’m pretty sure, the first quilt that I ever finished. It was also with my really awful camera so please forgive the quality of the picture. The pattern was given out at Stripper’s Club at Quilter’s Market, Tucson. Every other month they put together a pattern made with 2.5″ strips. You show up for the meeting times, they put on a show (no, not that kind 😉 ), there are giveaways, and you get the pattern for free. I got some really bright blues, pinks, and purples, and made this. The border is a dark purple batik which is gorgeous in real life. I was most proud of how well I was able to get the borders to line up since those were the smallest pieces I think I had ever worked with. For the binding, I rolled the top over to the edges and stitched it down. I had no idea what to do and I giggle when I look at it, but it worked.

Sarahs quilt (1)

This was also during my “I will use the brightest fabric that I can possibly find for the back” phase, so here we go.

This is the second quilt that I finished, for my friend in the Army. The borders are all 6.5″ because that’s as wide as my ruler went and I didn’t know how to measure anything larger than my ruler. This was also my first time doing binding as a separate fabric. It didn’t occur to me that binding would be a single continuous piece that you just turn when you finish a side, so I did 4 separate pieces, like if they were a border. I saw this quilt a few years ago and I giggled at a lot of my “early quilt” mistakes (though I do love it and the owner got a little offended when he thought I was making fun of it).

Army United States US quilt fabric eagle eagles tank tanks military navy air force camo camouflage star stars brown green America American flag

A few years ago, he got deployed and had to leave the quilt in the States, so I made him pillowcases to take with him.

Army United States US quilt fabric eagle eagles tank tanks military navy air force camo camouflage star stars brown green America American flag

Geometry class quilt

Back a million years ago (or, 6), I taught high school Geometry. Since quilting is largely Geometric, I did a quilting unit. In December, I spent a week teaching the kids how to hand sew and provided them needles, pins, patterns, and some of my fabric scraps (and sent them out to buy their own). Day 1 was the “how to” and then there were a few days where they got to sew and talk (or, it was finals week, study). They then had until mid-March to make a quilt block. The official instructions were to make a 10″ block but as long as it was a block that stayed together, they got credit. They didn’t have to use my provided patterns and could design their own. They also could take it home and do it by machine.

Quilt block solid solids Geometry Panda Teenager Mutant Ninja Turtle TMNT Beatles student activity rainbow gradient fabric

The pink-backgrounded block in the top left, down 1, over 1 – she designed that herself. I remember her showing me the design and saying, despondently, “My block is 12 inches and I don’t know how to make this 10 inches” and I told her “if you can make that, I will make it fit in the quilt”. It worked out since some of the other corner blocks were larger than 10″.

In the center, there was a running class joke that pandas were purple… not sure how we got there, but that’s why there was a purple panda (and 3 or 4 of them worked on it). I added the dark green to square that up since it was a wonky panda. There’s also the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle on the right, which she designed herself (and executed beautifully).

Looking at this quilt, I can match up about 1/2 of the blocks with which person did it off of the top of my head. The coolest part was when they brought their blocks in, how proud of them they were. It was a great experience. And a few years later, I received a Facebook message from one of the Panda guys saying “I had a button fall off my shirt and I sewed it back on!” and it made me giggle. At least they learned something in Geometry!

Table runners and aprons

When I was learning to quilt, I took a lot of ___ of the Month classes. I find them really fun and a great way to build skills. I also like that you’re working on smaller chunks or projects so it’s more manageable than making a whole quilt. This was from the Table Runner of the Month club at Quilter’s Market (in Tucson). I think this was the only one that I actually completed… oops. What’s cool about this is that this is one table runner. The class was working on Quilt as you Go so this is a fun, reversible runner. It was a gift to my boss’ wife.

Next up are aprons that I made for my mom and aunt. My mom refers full aprons and loves her puppies, so I found this fabric at JoAnn’s. The bone heart is a pocket. My aunt refers the half aprons, and her heart is also a pocket.

Donation quilts – part deux

Here are some more quilt tops that were donated to gals who make quilts for various charities and support groups in Tucson.

First on the list is Floral Frenzy using the Floral Whimsy fabric line. I fell in love with the blue in the border when we got it into the shop and designed this. The final pattern was a bit less than I was hoping for. I also was never been able to get a true color picture of this quilt. I took about 15 pictures before giving up. The actual fabric is much brighter.

Floral Whimsy bright abstract floral quilt quilts purple pink green

This quilt uses the 2nd line of Wizard of Oz fabrics. I machine appliqued the little pictures in the pink, blue, and yellow squares. I was never enamored with this fabric line because the faces looked kind of creepy. I had that same problem with the I Love Lucy fabric line that came out around then.

Wizard of Oz Glinda Witch Munchkins Oz Yellow brick road Dorothy Ruby Slippers

These two are possibly the first quilt that I designed. I fell in love with the Robert Kaufman Fusion line and bought a yard of the 20 or so that my quilt shop had (and still haven’t used all of them up!). I was going to make a reversible quilt – one side would be the brights and one side would be the pastels. I made the tops and didn’t get any further.

This pattern is for the Potato Chip Quilt, named because “it’s so easy, you can’t just make one”. They were right – I made two.

This is a Row of the Month quilt through a quilt shop. They gave us little accessories to decorate each month – buttons for the snowman’s face, kite tails (which are in the picture), floppy ears for the bunnies, etc.

Row of the Month ROM Block of the Month BOM Seasons Snowmen flags Christmas trees turkey pumpkin apple bunny heart watermelon

Lastly, I procured some of Michael Miller Fairy panels and made this. If you look close enough, you can see the purple and yellow Fusion fabrics to make everything square.

Michael Miller Fairy purple yellow flower fairies quilt top

Baby quilts

These are the last few baby quilts that haven’t been shown yet.

This was made for a friend who is an engineer. We got this fabric at the quilt shop and sold out of it so quickly.

Robot quilt baby cogs blue white blanket

This was for a gal that I worked with at H&R Block. I made 3 quilt tops to try to stay ahead of everyone having babies!

Baby quilt minky duck ducks train trains bear bears blue boy numbers soft quilt

This is a panel that I wisely got for when I quickly needed to put a gift together. I used this to practice my longarm quilting (which doesn’t show up in the picture).

Baby boy quilt minky panel Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme star

Flamingo Beach

Many moons ago, my LQS had a contest. They had just bought a bunch of flamingo fabric from Clothworks called “Oh So Flamingo”.

Clothworks Oh So Flamingo

The challenge was to use it in a quilt/project. The only requirement was that there had to be one complete flamingo in it. When I did was to get an exacto knife and very carefully cut out each and every flamingo (only one lost part of its leg). I made a beach scene and then glued each of the flamingos into a spot. The sand right by the ocean is a gold ribbon with seashells sewn on. I got scrapbooking stickers to use as accents plus some tree buttons for the mountain. I used DMC Embroidery thread for the road.

Clothworks Oh So Flamingo flamingos Beach art quilt beach scene sidewalk sun tree buttons scrapbook scrapbooking stickers applique embroidery


Unfortunately I didn’t win, but I did have a great time making the quilt. It now lives with my dad in San Diego.