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More cranes and finished quilts

I finished another 50 cranes. The total is up to 350 (35% of the way there!) and I’m starting to run out of space in my first display case.

Origami flying cranes 1,000 paper folding

I also listed 3 more quilt tops on Etsy. The first is Vice Versa which I have posted about before.

Vice Versa Block of the Month BOM Gen X Quilters GenXQuilters Quilt Blanket Star Flying Geese Pinwheel Bear Paw Churn Dash

The second top is called Garden Jewels. It’s a strip pattern by the Quilter’s Market in Tucson, AZ. I bought the kit and made this top. Later, I inherited someone’s partially done quilt from the same kit and finished it. With the extra pieces from my and their kits, I made a 3rd, smaller quilt, so I’ve made this quilt 3 times. The 2nd and 3rd tops were donated to a gal who makes quilts to donate to the local hospital.

This top is called Hoopla and is also a Quilter’s Market strip pattern. It is also made from their kit which includes the die cut circles that came with fusible web on them. I blanket-stitched the applique pieces.

Life update

Hi all! Sorry for the silence. I’ve had a few people ask – I am fine, just busy.

I’ve primarily been focused on finishing the QAL quilt top. That was complete and delivered to the quilter 2 weeks ago. It looks amazing but I unfortunately can’t share that early.

I’ve been making great progress on the 1,000 cranes. I do 3 per day which will get me to finish by the end of the year. Here are the first 300.


I realized that with the QAL top done, I don’t have any projects immediately on deck (other than a quilt repair). My friends got married a year+ ago and I promised them a wedding quilt (Lovers’ Knot). It’s going to be queen sized and has a few thousand pieces, and I’m about 5% of the way done. I’ve been working on the blocks for that and have made a little progress. It’s not an exciting picture but the finished product will be amazing.


The reason that I’ve been so busy is things are crazy at work. I’ve been training our newest employee and training takes forever! (This is Charlie, the office bunny.)


I’m taking a few day quilting vacation this month, so expect more regular updates!

Legend of Zelda – finished cross stitch

Well, after 6 years, I put the final stitches in the Legend of Zelda cross stitch this week.It’s hard to believe that it’s actually finished. The next steps will be washing and framing it but that’s going to wait for a little bit. The first night after the cross stitch was finished, I didn’t really know what to do with myself. My next project will be a 6″ charity square for Sprite Stitch’s stitching for charity.

Zelda NES Waterfall title screen cross stitch

On the crane front, with these green guys, the total is up to 133.

Origami flying cranes 1,000 paper folding

I also had an amazing Goodwill find of this display case. This is the first 100.

Origami flying cranes 1,000 paper folding

1,000 origami cranes

And now for something completely different… origami cranes.

Origami flying cranes 1,000 paper folding

I go to a weekly trivia with some friends. One week, one of the gals brought origami paper and we made little polyhedron ball things. I went home to buy my own paper and while poking around online, I heard the story/legend/superstition that if you make 1,000 folding cranes you get your heart’s desire (or a wish). Since I have so many other projects going, it made sense to start this as well. I bought the paper on Amazon. It’s only 5 cm square.

Origami paper flying cranes 1,000 paper folding

There are 50 sheets of 20 colors. I finished the first color set (blue) and am halfway through the yellow.

Origami flying cranes 1,000 paper folding

As great as they looked on my desk, I bought a vase at JoAnns and they’re living in there. I’m hoping to get 4 sets of colors into a vase and have 5 vases around the house (getting any larger vases seems dangerous).

Origami flying cranes 1,000 paper folding

My goal is to finish these by the end of 2016. The two best responses to this project so far have been “Is your heart’s desire to have 1,000 cranes?” and “I think you can just get it on Amazon faster”.