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Pattern release – Puzzle It Out

I’ve noticed that my interest/obsession with quilting waxes and wanes. I always will appreciate viewing other’s quilts but some days/weeks/months all I want to do is design and quilt and other times, I don’t. When that happens, I take a break and focus on other hobbies or activities. I am coming out of one of those low interest periods with a renewed fervor for quilting.

I designed an intricate twisted star quilt which I’ve been posting pictures of on my Facebook page (if you’re not following me there, you should. There are quilt and adorable cat photos). I plan to write up a pattern for that, once I’m done testing it out.

I also wrote up the pattern for my puzzle quilt – Puzzle It Out. The pattern is available through my Etsy store.

Puzzle 1

I made this quilt years ago and recently, I have had numerous requests for the pattern. All I could provide was an Excel sketch of a piece that made sense to me, but could be confusing for most others. I wrote up the pattern, which includes two variations.

The original design was to have a fully completed puzzle, like so:

Puzzle 3

However, when I first made the quilt, I didn’t sketch out the entire quilt. I sketched a row, did some quick math, and cut the number of pieces based on my quick math. When I went to lay it out, I found out that I was short one large border piece and had an extra small border piece. I also was out of fabric. Rather than having a single random-fabric piece, I chose to applique the wrong piece in the border (and stated that it was a design choice to have the wrong size piece rather than an error). This quilt’s name is “Trying to Fit In”.

Puzzle 2

The pattern includes the 1st variation with a completed quilt (as originally intended) as well as the 2nd variation to match my quilt, where a piece is appliqued in the border. You can do either a small or large piece trying to get into a small or large space.

Puzzle 4

The pattern was also named as “Puzzle It Out” rather than “Trying to Fit In”, since I imagine most people will do the finished quilt rather than the appliqued piece, but we’ll see. I would love to see pictures of any finished quilts!