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Christmas gifts

With a whole 3 days to spare, I have the last of my Christmas gifts finished. This year, I made two sets of pillow cases. The first is for my friend’s son who is obsessed with the Avengers.

Marvel Avengers pillow case pillowcase Hulk Captain America Thor IronMan Iron Man kids novelty easy red blue

Next, is for my buddy who is obsessed with Spider-Man. I promised him a Spider-Man quilt when he graduated from college… and then I moved and ended up getting rid of the fabric. So though this isn’t a quilt, hopefully it will be close enough to what I promised him.

Spiderman Spider-man Spider Man pillow case pillow cases pillowcases Marvel blue red novelty Avengers

Early quilts

Here are 2 more of my first quilts. This first one is, I’m pretty sure, the first quilt that I ever finished. It was also with my really awful camera so please forgiveĀ the quality of the picture. The pattern was given out at Stripper’s Club at Quilter’s Market, Tucson. Every other month they put together a pattern made with 2.5″ strips. You show up for the meeting times, they put on a show (no, not that kind šŸ˜‰ ), there are giveaways, and you get the pattern for free. I got some really bright blues, pinks, and purples, and made this. The border is a dark purple batik which is gorgeous in real life. I was most proud of how well I was able to get the borders to line up since those were the smallest pieces I think I had ever worked with. For the binding, I rolled the top over to the edges and stitched it down. I had no idea what to do and I giggle when I look at it, but it worked.

Sarahs quilt (1)

This was also during my “I will use the brightest fabric that I can possibly find for the back” phase, so here we go.

This is the second quilt that I finished, for my friend in the Army. The borders are all 6.5″ because that’s as wide as my ruler went and I didn’t know how to measure anything larger than my ruler. This was also my first time doing binding as a separate fabric. It didn’t occur to me that binding would be a single continuous piece that you just turn when you finish a side, so I did 4 separate pieces, like if they were a border. I saw this quilt a few years ago and I giggled at a lot of my “early quilt” mistakes (though I do love it and the owner got a little offended when he thought I was making fun of it).

Army United States US quilt fabric eagle eagles tank tanks military navy air force camo camouflage star stars brown green America American flag

A few years ago, he got deployed and had to leave the quilt in the States, so I made him pillowcases to take with him.

Army United States US quilt fabric eagle eagles tank tanks military navy air force camo camouflage star stars brown green America American flag

Placemats and pillows

Today, I want to share some of my non-quilt projects. First up are the pillowcases that I made for my mom and my ex’s mom for Christmas many moons ago. I took a class on how to do paper piecing and these were the projects. I made them entirely with scraps except for the outer border of chili peppers. I made 10 total placemats, 2 of each color.

Placemat placemats place mat place mats  chili pepper cactus cacti flower flowers southwest southwestern paper piecing pepper peppers

My dad’s girlfriend had remodeled her kitchen and had addedĀ new white cabinets with grey slightly-translucent glass and wood handles. I sneaked a picture and then designed matching placements. She lives in San Diego and I was in Tucson at the time, so I mailed them to her. When I went to visit, she proudly showed me the placements being used to protect her bedroom dresserĀ from the (dirty) tube TV scratching it… broke my heart a little but she was so happy. (She’s also now an ex, so it’s okay to post this story šŸ™‚ ).

Placemat placemats place mat place mats white grey brown geometry cabinetLastly, when I was teaching, I had a student who was struggling at the school (it was a college prep school) and just wanted to drop out, get a hippie van, and live down by the river. For Christmas, I made her zebra print pillows to go in her van.

Zebra pillow pillows plush

Pillowcases and star blocks

balloons_clip_art_15536Ā First off, happy birthday to my first blog follower – my mom!Ā balloons_clip_art_15536


Today, I want to show some of the donation projections that I’ve done.

Pillowcases are a fast and easy item to make so I try to do a pillowcase project every year or so. This first group went to a children’s group… I can’t remember if it was Project Linus or which one.

These pillowcases went to Heads at Ease, which delivers pillow cases to deployed servicemen and servicewomen overseas. (There was also 2 straggler kids’ pillowcases that didn’t get finished when I did the above group.)

Heads at Ease pillowcase pillowcases pillow case donation donate Easy Schmeezy pillow case pattern children kids charity animal fabrics bright military Army Navy soldiers soldier deployed

Lastly, one year Moda fabrics wanted to donate 100 quilts to 100Ā servicemen and servicewomen made in 100 days. Each quilt took 18 blocks, so they needed 1800 blocks. They called the program Just One StarĀ and requested that each quilter take a little time to make just one block. You then send your block to a central area and they put the quilt tops together. They had other people who were donating their longarm skills to attach the top, batting, and back. Well, they failed to plan on the generosity of quilters and instead of the 1,800 goal, they ended up with over 15,000.

I made the blocks on the right… I made 15 or 20. I also collected and sent blocks for anyone in my quilt group who made all the blocks on the left. In total, we sent around 35 blocks.

Moda Just One Star block blocks donation military Army Navy Quilts of Valor Star block Red White Blue