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Urban Beads – sewing blocks

I live up in Seattle and this time of year is a little rough – it gets dark so early and there’s not a lot of sun. I’ve been designing a lot but haven’t felt like actually making much. Awhile ago someone suggested the idea of quilting 15 minutes every day. It doesn’t seem like a huge chunk of time for accomplishments (and it’s not) but if you’re waiting until you have hours, then you’ll get more done by doing a little something every day.

I wasn’t feeling the black and white quilt, so I decided to go back to my Urban Beads curved piecing. In December, I cut out all of the pieces. When I started sewing, I used my regular quarter inch foot and had some difficulties. The difficulty is that you’re sewing curves, rather than along a straight line, so you have to really watch on how everything is lining up to get the curves.

Unsewn pieces:

Urban Beads Sew Kind of Wonderful Quick Curve Ruler QCR Pattern Solid colors Cut pieces convex concave

After sewing a few and being frustrated, I purchased a foot for doing curved piecing. When you lay them to sew them, one piece wants to go one direction and the other wants to go another. The foot has extra guides that help direct the fabric where it needs to go.

For my 15 minutes of sewing, I’ve been working on these. I’ve found it a lot easier to sew with much better results using the new foot (phew! It was a $50 investment and I was worried I would hate it). I have one side on all of the pinks and have done 1/3 of the blues. Until I iron them, they won’t lay flat so it makes it interesting to stack them. Ultimately, I will trim them to size so even though the top and bottom don’t line up, that’s okay (and expected).

Urban Beads – fabric

About one month ago, I purchased the Quick Curve Ruler from Sew Kind of Wonderful. This ruler promises to make it easier to cut concave and convex curves that fit perfectly together. I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet but I am incredibly excited and hoping it works as well as it promises!

For my first pattern, I’m going to do the Urban Beads pattern

Urban Beads Sew Kind of Wonderful Quick Curve Ruler QCR Pattern Solid colors

I wanted to use a single color of the background. When I initially was shopping for fabric, I was planning to do a light background (a beige was the front runner) with my usual bright, bold colors for the beads. But, I decided to change it up and challenge myself to work outside of my comfort zone. I chose a dark purple for the background and the 5 lighter colors (below) for the beads. In the original pattern, each bead strand is one color – I’m planning to mix them up. These are the American Made Brand solid fabrics which are gorgeous. Every time I walk by them in a quilt shop, I just need to pet them. They’re made near me in Seattle, so that’s a nice bonus to stay local.

Urban Beads Sew Kind of Wonderful Quick Curve Ruler QCR Pattern Solid colors Quilt American Made Brand fabric