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Tetris quilt – squared up

Well… 14 hours later… I have all 752 HST (half square triangle) squared up. Each color way took about 2 hours. This step is important because when I sew the squares, they don’t all end up the same size. Some of the squares only need 1/16 – 1/8″ trimmed off. Others lost about 1/4″. But now they are all 1.5″ and will fit with the rest of the pieces. Huzzah!

I’m going to start sewing the blue blocks together. Quick reminder what the block will look like:

Tetris quilt pattern block 3D video game Excel Nintendo HST HSTs how to make it construction

And here’s what the blues look like laid out.

Tetris quilt Nintendo Video Game 3-D 3D block blue dark blue swirls

27 days and counting until this needs to be at the quilter’s…

Tetris update – HSTs galore!

It’s been awhile since I’ve done an update! My life has been consumed with making HST (half square triangles) for the Tetris quilt. A HST is made up of two 45 degree right triangles:

8 HST - Sm

 A few posts ago, I put up the block design, which is a square with 4 trapezoids. The actual assembly of the block has quite a few more pieces, to make it easy to assemble. So it’s actually 1 square, 4 rectangles, and 4 HSTs. And the quilt has 188 blocks (47 Tetris shapes times 4 blocks per shape) = 752 HSTs. Oh, and the finished block is 4″, so each HST is only 1″.

Tetris quilt pattern block 3D video game Excel Nintendo  is actually made like this  Tetris block segmented

The typical way to make HST is to make them 2 at a time. However, there is a really cool method to make 8 at a time. You start with a large square (“large” being relative in this case, since it was only 4″). Then you sew 1/4″ on either side of both diagonals, like this.

8 HST - 1

Once you do that, you cut the square into quarters, using the line intersections as a guide.

8 HST - 2

Then you cut each piece along the diagonal

8 HST - 3

Lastly, you press them open (this one hasn’t been pressed yet). And since I want all of my seams to nest, which fabric gets pressed which direction is important.

8 HST - Sm

I spent a few afternoons doing the sewing/cutting, then spent the last 2 evenings pressing the HSTs open. It took me five and a half 40 minute television episodes 😀

Tetris HST cut

Tetris HST pressed

Up next… all 752 HSTs need to be squared up to 1.5″………

Tetris block fabric

Well, not much to update on the Tetris quilt. I went through my Big Box o’ Fabrics to select the block fabrics. There are 7 colors of blocks. Within each block, there are 5 fabrics. The fabrics range from dark to light and are placed in specific spots to give the 3D effect. The top fabric is the lightest. The bottom is the darkest.

Tetris quilt pattern block 3D video game Excel Nintendo


I need a total of 35 fabrics for the blocks. Going through my stash, I had 32 of the 35. A quick trip to JoAnns got me the remaining 3. I decided to use pinks instead of greys, which was the 7th color in the original quilt.

Tetris quilt pattern block 3D video game Nintendo fabric fabrics rainbow shades


Next up: cutting the fabric. From each of the 4 trapezoidal colors (AKA not the center square), I need 38 cuts. From the center fabric, I need 28. This equals 180 cuts per color family. There will be additional cutting later since I’m using some techniques to get 8 pieces out of one square of fabric, so the 180 cuts is actually the efficient/shortened way of doing the cutting! I calculated that there will be approximately 2450 pieces in this quilt. It didn’t seem as high when I designed it 🙂

So far, I have cut up purple, green, and orange. It took me about an hour per color.

Tetris quilt – Main fabrics

I made this Tetris quilt a few years ago for a friend (and I’ll go into more details about this quilt later). About a month ago, I was talking to a (different) friend who said her mom really likes my quilts. I asked if there were any ones in particular and her mom picked out this one. I had been wanting to remake this one with 3D blocks, so this was perfect. So time to make Tetris Quilt 2, or Shit Still Happens (won’t be its final name).

Tetris quilt blanket Nintendo video game shit happens Kona Cottons solid fabric fabrics


I did a tiny bit of redesigning on the pattern. Nothing major. Also, it will still have a black background and white (not pink!) border. This was just to make it easier to see. This is my fancy drafting software. It may resemble Excel, but it’s definitely not 😉

Tetris quilt pattern video game Excel Nintendo

Here are the black and white fabrics. The Moda Onyx Grunge fabric is one of my favorite fabrics of all time. Since I’m doing 3D blocks, I wanted a background with more going on than the solid black used in TQ1. Next up – seeing what’s in my stash for the blocks. Each block will now have 5 shades of that color, but more on that later!

Tetris quilt blanket Moda Grunge Onyx Vanilla black white background border