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iPhone cross stitch case and scarves

Continuing with non-quilt projects…

First up is the Boo iPhone case that I stitched for my friend Brian. They sell rubbery cases that have the cross stitch holes cut into the case. You then design whatever you want (they provide some ideas) and stitch it up. His favorite Mario character is Boo and any time we play Mario Party or Mario Kart or such, we all know to give him Boo. And purple is his favorite color.

iPhone Android smartphone cross stitch case Mario Boo Mario Kart Mario Party ghost video game NES SNES Wii

I know that when I think about cell phone cases, I immediately think about scarves … so here are some scarves that I’ve made. I have trouble knitting with needles because I suck at it and it’s tough on my hands. I can crochet find but it takes forever. One day during a break in class, one of my students was knitting on a loom. She showed me how it worked and I went out and bought a set. Brian and I (oh, there’s the connection between iPhones and scarves) both took up loom knitting since it’s easy to do while you’re doing other things and is great for people like us who can’t sit still. Here is my loom with a scarf in progress.

Loom Knit Knitting Instructables Knifty Knitter Lion Brand JoAnn Jo Ann plastic loom Red Heart yarn green and navy blue scarf Seahawks Sounders

With the loom, I learned some basic stitches and made some scarves with 1 or 2 colors of yarn. Usually, the color blocks are horizontal. I wanted to figure out a way to make them vertically, so I came up with my own technique. It makes a cool zipper effect in the middle. This one used Red Heart yarn and is Seahawks colors for my friend who is a Hawks fan. And I liked it so much, I made myself an identical one.

Loom Knit Knitting Instructables Knifty Knitter Lion Brand  JoAnn Jo Ann plastic loom Red Heart yarn green and navy blue scarf Seahawks Sounders

After doing a few scarves like this and the regular technique, I wanted to see if I could make patterns in the loom. It’s not quite as straightforward as it would be with needle knitting. I started with a Doctor Who / Tardis scarf for my other friend. I used a wider loom than the one above, and I’m really happy with how it came out.

Loom Knit Knitting Instructables Knifty Knitter Lion Brand  JoAnn Jo Ann plastic loom Red Heart yarn Doctor Who Dr Who Tardis blue scarf

The next pattern was a heart. This is probably my favorite so far. I don’t have a finished picture anywhere, but I did finish it… I think. It has a heart on either end. I was thinking it might be cool to have a whole poker series of scarves.

Loom Knit Knitting Instructables Knifty Knitter Lion Brand  JoAnn Jo Ann plastic loom Red Heart yarn heart scarf red white beige Valentine Valentine's Day


SpriteStitch Quilt-along

This upcoming weekend, a friend of mine is photographing my finished quilts so I can get them listed on Etsy and a few will be pattern covers, once I write the patterns up. So this and last week have been filled with finishing quilts. I’ve attached the binding onto 3 quilts and have cut the strips for 2 more. This also involved going through my boxes to find a specific fabric that I wanted to use for the binding, which was in the very bottom box in the stash (of course). In the process, I found my Wizard of Oz, Candyland, and Peter Pan fabrics which I plan to sell on Etsy. It’s been a productive week… just not many exciting pictures.

But… while trying to finish projects and realizing how many I have in the queue and saying no new projects or fabric… I of course bought fabric and committed to a new project. Obviously.

The fabric was a Massdrop deal. I got 75 beautiful solid fat quarters by collection. And I got it for only $1.50/FQ which is a ganga of a deal (my credit card didn’t quite appreciate how good of a deal it was).

Free Spirit Fabrics Denyse Schmidt Modern Solids  Kona bay Kona Kotton Cotton Michael Miller Solid Solids Fat Quarter Quarters FQ Massdrop

I put the fabric up on my cabinets at work and am enjoying just looking at the fabric, so they might be hanging out at work for awhile. It’s so pretty and pet-able.

Free Spirit Fabrics Denyse Schmidt Modern Solids  Kona bay Kona Kotton Cotton Michael Miller Solid Solids Fat Quarter Quarters FQ Massdrop is doing a cross stitch-along for April and May. In April, we submit patterns and vote. In May, each week, they post one of the winning patterns and everyone cross stitches it. There will be 4 patterns total. Here is my submission from Adventure Island 2.

Sprite Stitch KG Cross Stitch PC Stitch Adventure Island 2 NES SNES Dinosaur Fireball sprite grid

Cross stitching is a little tough on my hands and just not my favorite thing in general, so my plan is to participate with fabric squares. Each block is 50 pixels x 50 pixels, so I’d do 50 x 50 squares = 2500 squares. Times 4 blocks. So I’m insane. I want to try out a technique using fusible backing that I read on Cora’s Quilts. The basic idea is that you cut each individual square, glue them onto a grid, and then sew along the grid. I’ve seen this done before and have been intrigued but after reading Cora’s Quilts’ wonderful How To and seeing her Nintendo quilts, I am prepared to try this. And will jump in with 10,000 squares because, why not? Assuming I can get myself to remove the office decor, my plan is to use the FQ solids.

There will be some prep work over the next 2 weeks but the bulk of this project starts in May!

Finished Tetris quilt

Okay, I swear, last Tetris quilt post! I realized that I never posted the completely finished quilted and bound picture:

Tetris quilt Tetrino Rainbow Shit Happens Nintendo Video Game Mario 3-D 3D block

A few close ups of the quilting. I went with a basic curve to mimic the dropping pieces.

SpriteStitch was kind enough to feature me on their blog.

The quilt is already in Tucson (where the recipient is). I’m delivering it to her next week when I’ll be in town for Thanksgiving. I’m so excited!

Tetris – center is finished!!

And without further ado … drumroll… here is the finished center of the Tetris quilt!

Tetris quilt 3D fabric shading white letters machine applique fusible web Nintendo video game trippy

Please forgive the mess… when I’m in a big quilting project, I tend to forget to clean and other unimportant things like that.

Next, I’m going to border it in white which will better show the game board and why it says “shit happens” and why the rows aren’t disappearing (since with everything else going on, it takes a minute to get it). Then there will be a final black border. I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to do the binding in, but have a week for that.

I’m in the home stretch now!

Tetris – Board assembled

Last Friday night I got the last sections of the Tetris board assembled! There are 180 blocks. This section is approximately 48″ x 60″. This took me about 4 weeks of house arrest to complete. The only breaks (besides work and sleep) were a wedding in CA and GeekGirlCon (ya know, the important things).

Tetris quilt Nintendo Video Game 3-D 3D block layout rainbow

Up next is the lettering for the “shit happens” for the top section. Right now, I have all of the letters cut out. I’ll do another post and go into more details about the process for the appliques.

Tetris quilt shit happens white letters machine applique fusible web

Deadline of next Saturday is closing in!


Last year I participated in the Swap over at Sprite Stitch. My buddy’s favorite video game character is Fawful from the Mario & Luigi game series so I made her a Fawful quilt. The squares finish at 1″. I was able to work with some strips of fabric, rather than only squares, so it wasn’t too difficult to make. And she loved it.

Fawful Mario Luigi RPG Mario Brothers Bowser Nintendo Video Games Geek Quilt Quilts blanket

For the quilting, I primarily did a meander stitch. But around his eyes, I did a spiral to try to mimic how he looks in the game.

Metroid quilt

For my first picture post, I wanted to show my Metroid quilt. I spent about 14 months working on this from start to finish. To design it, I had a bunch of taped together graph paper and then zoomed into a picture of the NES box art to see each of the pixels and drew it on the graph paper.

Each of the squares are 1″ finished. At the bottom, I stitched “Press Start”. The quilt is about 60″ x 80″. I quilted it myself.

When I was working on this, the recipient came over a few times unexpectedly and I’d make him wait outside the house while I frantically hid the pieces.